Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A pretty easy day

Tonight I drove a friend to the suburb so that he could pick a used TV. It is sometimes hard to find the time to meet up with friends so this was a nice way to hang out.
That was pretty much it. Apart from that Little A is a lot more fun nowadays. He is getting more independent and is laughing and talking more or less all the time.
This afternoon we laid on the sofa, him sleeping on me and me watching Ugly Betty. Not bad at all.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pigeons inside?

A bird SHAT on me today!

I was out walking with A, minding my own business as you do, when something hit me in the back of my neck. I touched the spot carefully, and yes it was wet and gooey. Oh joy. I pulled my hood up and kept walking to a more secluded place where I wiped it off as much as I could. And then I put my woolly hat on and kept walking home. It only hit me on the hair so I didn't feel it on my skin luckily.

Then my mum calls me on my mobile and I tell her what just happened and she say that it means good luck and that I should make I wish. (Yeah right, but I did make a wish just to be sure). And then she goes "oh so are you outside walking?" No mother, we're having a major problem with pigeons and sea gulls in our flat.
Oh, dear. And that will be me one day.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Fast food all day long

Yesterday was not a very healthy day at all. We had fast food for both lunch and dinner. Lunch consisted by falafel and chips and was consumed outside on a bench. The weather was lovely so it was like a little picnic. Dinner was pizza.
I was still full when I woke up so for breakfast I have had a mango and a smoothies with blackberries, banana, soyamilk and lindseedoil. I felt I had to got some good stuff into me.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Hostess with the mostess

It was my turn to host the mummy group yesterday and above is what I served (together with some crispbread and cheese and stuff. And coffee of course, mummies drink a lot of coffee). It is the first time since forever that I have served biscuits that I haven't made myself. I used to bake all the time before and now I don't have time of course, but I have also gone off it a bit. I used to love cakes and biscuits but went off it during my pregnancy and apart from the first few weeks after the birth, I don't really fancy it anymore.

Early bird

Me and Mr. A went for a walk at 6.15 am today. Daddy did the early morning feeding at 5 am so I thought I'd give him a break after that. I like being outside that early in the morning. One of my fondest childhood memories is when I was 11 or something like that and went bird watching with the school. We met up at 6 am and I remember walking to school that early and it was all quiet and different.
When I came home I did an hour of yoga and then I went power shopping. I bought three skirts, two dresses, two pair of tights and a t-shirt in 1,5 hours. Not bad, eh?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pink helmet

On my daily walk today I was ever so cheerful until I overheard two boys, about 8 years old talking to each other while cycling together with their fathers.

Boy 1: Look at his helmet! (referring to the other boy's dad)
Boy 2: What?
Boy 1: It's pink!!!
Boy 2 doesn't reply.
Boy 1: He's a girl! (laughing).

Their dads were talking to each other and didn't hear the boys. I wonder if they would have said anything if they heard them. And what they would have said.

Laundry-the fun way

Me and Little A was doing laundry today but quite quickly he became bored. Trying to entertain him, I started to tell him about the clothes as I was putting them on the line. And he was laughing his head off!
-This is mummy's skirt that you threw up all over yesterday.
-Ahr! Uhum!
-This is daddy's t-shirt that he bought in London.
-These are mummy's tights.
A much more fun way to do laundry than I have tried before.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What I did do today:

What did I end up doing today then?
Well, I did have coffee.
I didn't do yoga, but I did some pilates exercises.
I did buy food.
I didn't tidy up.
I did however have two showers today. The last one was due to Little A covering me in vomit.
Oh joy.

Plans for today:

-drink coffee
-do at least 30 min. of yoga
-food shopping
-tidy up
Wish me luck!

Monday, 21 March 2011


Cute little shoes little A got from a friend of mine.


We took the car (major operation to get the pram into the tiny car) and drove to the woods, or more like a massive park.
Little A had his lunch (or midafternoon snack, it is hard to tell) outside for the first time. He seemed to like it.

Friday, 18 March 2011

What I saw yesterday

There is a riding school quite close to where I live. I am thinking about taking up riding again.

Mystery solved



I just figured out why my right leg is covered by bruises. It is because I carry the pram bassinet up and down the stairs at least once a day. We live on the fourth floor without a lift so I do get some exercise carrying it up and down. And apperantly bruises as well.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mumford and Sons

I just discovered this band, Mumford and Sons and this is a fab song of theirs. Even Little A can sing along in the end when he goes "Arh.." That is A's favourite sound.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Beautiful cabbage

Isn't pretty? It didn't taste as nice as it looks. Or I mean it is more pretty than tasty.

Taking stock

So what did I end up doing today? Seeing that I was so frustrated this morning.
Lets see, I
-walked for 2,5 hours altogether
-did 30 minutes of yoga
-made a spinach and goats cheese quiche
-drank two cups of coffee
-met with friends and their babies and Little A made a friend
-posted quite a bit on here
-wrote a few emails
-did stomach exercises
and that is probably about it. I am quite pleased with the day.

Daily walk

Where we walked today. Or I did most of the walking. Little A was mostly sleeping.

Me and the pram with Little A in it.

Frustration what I am feeling right now. I have loads to do today, or at least that is what it feels like. I have to go to the shop far away and buy some formula. We have switched to an organic brand but you can't get it in the shop closest to us so I have to go to another one. That is of course not a huge problem, just a little one...
In the afternoon I am meeting up with some other mothers in a cafe in town.
It sure doesn't sound like much but I would like to do some yoga as well and maybe post something more here.
Arh! It is so frustrating to feel that you are tied up and stressed out when you have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Well, I have a fairly happy baby to show for it, but still. I don't "produce" anything, I can't tick anything off any lists.
I think it has to do with that I spend quite a lot of time meeting people and in my book that doesn't count as "doing something". I want to read, do yoga, bake or something else that shows.
Better get on with things!

What I saw yesterday

Isn't it cute? It is a pimped out allotment house.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Meditation and pilates

I had a really good day yesterday and it spilling over to today as I'm in a good mood. Yesterday I went to my first postnatal pilates class and it was good. Little A hung out with his dad at home and it was nice to be able to concentrate on the exercises and not him. He might have to come with me next Monday though.
In the evening I went to my meditation kula and meditated for 40 minutes. We are group of women who all took the same yoga teacher training and who meet the second Monday of each month to meditate. I haven't been since the autumn, so it was lovely to be back. I didn't meditate very much though. I was just delighted that I could sit still and not be interrupted for 40 whole minutes. Usually I struggle to sit for 10 minutes, but last night time just flew.
When I got home we also had time to sort out A's clothes. It is major project to manage his wardrobe.
And now I am having breakfast, washed and almost dressed and Little A is lying on a blanket on the floor and playing, or watching a toy. He slept all night and woke up very happy. A smiling baby in a cute pyjamas is a great start to the day.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Friday, 11 March 2011


My friend Correna is dead. She died last September, but I only found out yesterday. I don't understand it. It is just so strange. We didn't live in the same country so we didn't talk or see each other that often, but I knew her for seven years and I consider her to be one of my best friends.
I think about her almost every day because there are so many things that I associate with her. She had quite strong opinions about most things so I associate everything from how to drink your tea to how it is wasteful to send Christmas and birthday cards. And everything in between.
I am really sad that she didn't get to meet little A and that he won't know her. I really thought that she would be a part of his life. Like some friends I don't think that they will, or even meet him. But others I expect to make an impact on him. Correna was one of those and now it won't happen.
It is odd because I
genuinely don't understand that she is gone. It feels unreal and like if I am sad because of something I saw in a movie.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What I saw today

The view from my living room window

Little A's bed

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I made it!

Wow! I am ridiculously happy now! I have made "semlor", a Swedish speciality for Shrove Tuesday

I want to bake a cake!

I sometimes feel trapped being at home and looking after A minor. He is in charge and I can't really control very much. Right now I want to bake. Bake some cake. But that is probably too ambitious and it makes me feel quite hopeless.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Pretty, pretty!

I know this flower shop that sometimes have really cheap flowers. And this Saturday I was in luck. I ended up with loads of flowers, almost too many and I have placed them all over the flat.

What I saw at the weekend

Friday, 4 March 2011

Last week- damned if I do, damned if I don't

I had quite a busy week last week and it is the first week of my maternity leave that I have had an appointment every day (except for Friday). I must say that it has been quite hard. .
It is hard because I can't really relax. I get anxious that he is not sleeping, how to warm the bottle, if he is going to scream and not stop and if he is going to throw up. I tense up in the face and almost grind my teeth.
We have also been to a café for the first time. At the café he was fine and it was nice meeting friends, but it is still hard. It is much easier to stay at home and do what he needs whenever he needs it. I don't find it hard to get out of the flat and being on time, but it means that I don't go out for a walk even though I can see that he needs to sleep as we are going out a bit later and there won't be time.
And when people come and visit it is not always a lot better. One of my best friends was here for a whole day and that was really nice. But he slept for three hours in a row and then I would like to have done other things than just sit and talk to her. But if he is a awake it is quite hard to have a conversation.
So going out is hard, having people over is hard and being on our own is boring. The best option is probably visiting somebody at their home, as then I can leave whenever and it is less bad if he throws up all over me.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Group meeting

The mother-baby group meeting went really well yesterday. The group consist of six random people who have been put together because they live in the same area, are over 30 years old and have a newborn. So it could go either way, but they all seem very nice and the conversation was very honest from the start. No one is pretending that this is easy.
A minor was by far the most active and loudest baby in the room. The others made few noises here and there and apart from that they were sleeping. He is the oldest in the group, but only by a day.
We will be meeting once a week and I look forward to it.


The thing with babies is that you never know what they are going to do next! So that makes your life very exciting. Or not, as the only things they do are sleep, eat and get rid of what they have eaten and variations of mentioned activities. However, one can never know in which order it will happen or when.
Little A surprised me last night by firstly waking up (he has been sleeping through the night for a week now) and secondly by throwing up twice, which resulted in two changes of clothes and a very awake baby. He was all smiles and smiled even more every time I yawned.
I am so bad at staying awake during the night, so when I had been up for an hour and a half, his dad took over, even though the deal is that I do the nights.
He was up for two hours and that has never happened before. I hope he won't be making a sequel.