Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Meditation and pilates

I had a really good day yesterday and it spilling over to today as I'm in a good mood. Yesterday I went to my first postnatal pilates class and it was good. Little A hung out with his dad at home and it was nice to be able to concentrate on the exercises and not him. He might have to come with me next Monday though.
In the evening I went to my meditation kula and meditated for 40 minutes. We are group of women who all took the same yoga teacher training and who meet the second Monday of each month to meditate. I haven't been since the autumn, so it was lovely to be back. I didn't meditate very much though. I was just delighted that I could sit still and not be interrupted for 40 whole minutes. Usually I struggle to sit for 10 minutes, but last night time just flew.
When I got home we also had time to sort out A's clothes. It is major project to manage his wardrobe.
And now I am having breakfast, washed and almost dressed and Little A is lying on a blanket on the floor and playing, or watching a toy. He slept all night and woke up very happy. A smiling baby in a cute pyjamas is a great start to the day.

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