Friday, 11 March 2011


My friend Correna is dead. She died last September, but I only found out yesterday. I don't understand it. It is just so strange. We didn't live in the same country so we didn't talk or see each other that often, but I knew her for seven years and I consider her to be one of my best friends.
I think about her almost every day because there are so many things that I associate with her. She had quite strong opinions about most things so I associate everything from how to drink your tea to how it is wasteful to send Christmas and birthday cards. And everything in between.
I am really sad that she didn't get to meet little A and that he won't know her. I really thought that she would be a part of his life. Like some friends I don't think that they will, or even meet him. But others I expect to make an impact on him. Correna was one of those and now it won't happen.
It is odd because I
genuinely don't understand that she is gone. It feels unreal and like if I am sad because of something I saw in a movie.

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Hi can you email me at we both remember Correna