Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pigeons inside?

A bird SHAT on me today!

I was out walking with A, minding my own business as you do, when something hit me in the back of my neck. I touched the spot carefully, and yes it was wet and gooey. Oh joy. I pulled my hood up and kept walking to a more secluded place where I wiped it off as much as I could. And then I put my woolly hat on and kept walking home. It only hit me on the hair so I didn't feel it on my skin luckily.

Then my mum calls me on my mobile and I tell her what just happened and she say that it means good luck and that I should make I wish. (Yeah right, but I did make a wish just to be sure). And then she goes "oh so are you outside walking?" No mother, we're having a major problem with pigeons and sea gulls in our flat.
Oh, dear. And that will be me one day.

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