Monday, 15 August 2011

Another era is ended

I'm no longer on maternity leave. I went back to work last Wednesday so this is my second week. I happy to be back. I will get new things to do, which is really nice. It's like starting a new job without all the insecurities that come with not knowing people. I have great plans for my work, how I want to evolve and do differently than before and I hope that I can remember that when things get hectic and people are talking behind each other's backs.
I do miss Little A though. Not so much in the mornings, but after lunch it gets quite bad. Luckily I don't work full time so my days are pretty short. I also don't have a long commute to and from work, so that helps too. But when I call home to check how things are going (my husband is on paternity leave now) and I can hear him in the background, I really miss him.
I wish I could structure my work differently and I am might be able to soon. I just have to figure some things out.
This was a pretty boring post, innit?

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