Monday, 4 July 2011

End of an era

We have a busy week in front of us with lots of mummy groups and meeting with friends. Unfortunately, it seems like Little A is having his first cold, so we might have to cancel a few things.

I am both relieved and a bit sad by the fact that I have only this week and two more left on my maternity leave. We then go on holiday for 10 days and after that me and my husband have a week of overlap and then I go back to work. This is has been the plan all along so there is of course no surprise involved. I think it is quite taxing to care of him and I do look forward to having a "break" while at work.

The husband of a friend of mine, who has been on paternity leave for two months now, said that it is way easier to be working than looking after a baby and then he said:
-Hell! It's easier to be at work than having a holiday when you have children!

But it is also sad in a kind of "end of an era" kind of way. I always get sentimental when things end, regardless of what it is and how it has been. I am also a bit annoyed because we had such a hard start with the mastitis and reflux and now when I got the hang of it, it's over. But there you go, I guess that is the way it works. I will try to keeo in touch with my new mummy friends though because I have met some lovely people and I am really happy about that.

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