Friday, 15 July 2011

Pot luck dinner

I am really excited this morning. In a calm kind of way (so I won't wake the baby). I think that this time in my life is the beginning of something big or something new. I think that I am in the process of creating the life I really want. Part of what I want took place yesterday;

We packed ourselves into the car and drove for a short while and arrived at a new friend's place where there were lots more of new friends. We were having a pot luck dinner and it was really nice. Everything was vegetarian and that is such a nice change. Being a veggie where I live is really hard and I don't like going to other people's places for dinner anymore because it is always so awkward. But not this time.

We were 8 adults, 3 babies and 2 unborn babies. These are people I met through a site called Meet up and it's really great. They are really open minded and although I, in the beginning did get thoughts like "what a bunch of losers we are that can't make friends in normal way", it doesn't feel strange anymore. And now I just think that this kind of technology is great because I probably never would had met them otherwise.

Hopefully this pot luck dinner will turn into a tradition. I have always dreamt about having dinner with a bunch of people on a weekday, just informal, nothing fancy, just because everybody needs to eat so why not do it together. And this might be the beginning of that.

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