Wednesday, 27 July 2011

100 days abs challenge done and dusted!

This is me after 100 days of abs challenge. You can see how I looked on day one here and day 50 here. I can't insert the pictures here because I am on holiday and am on a different computer.

About the challenge; I am proud that I did it and I have done it every day so on most days I have done two or more sets. I finished one day behind which I am pleased with. My stomach muscles are strong, but I still got that loose skin flapping about. It is getting better and if you didn't know that I had a baby almost 7 months ago, I don't think you could tell when I got clothes on. And I mostly wear clothes when I am around other people so I guess I am pleased with the result.
OMG! I just looked at the pictures and I must say that I can see a huge difference. Well done me! Well, thank you!


Linnéa i USA said...

SHIIIIIT vilken skillnad! Bra jobbat!

Brave New Life said...

Tack så mycket!

Linnéa i Colorado said...

jag älskar det här inlägget! Såå duktigt av dig!