Monday, 25 April 2011

Okay, this is pretty brave I think

I will take part in Linnéa's Cross Fit challenge
And this is my before picture. Or it is more like a between picture, because almost 4 months ago I looked like this. (Ups, I'm wearing the same top...)
It will be interesting to see if the stretch marks improve...

So, I'm a little bit behind because Linnéa is already on day 7. I made up for it tonight though.

I haven't found a good weight for the Russian Twists yet so tonight I used the baby. He is about 7,5 kg now so I think that is a good weight. He had quite a perplexed look on his face. But after all he is kind of to blame for the tummy situation so it's only fair that he helps me.


Skruttplutt said...

wooohooo!! Oh wow! well done! I am not sure though how it is to do situps as a new mom, i think it can hurt?! I have a friend who gave birth 11 months ago and they told her to not do situps... so if you don´t feel too good about it do the plank instead! That is post birth safe! I would do 2 min a day. One min on both elbows and the swich 30 sec each on the side. Can I borrow your photo and put it on my blog?

Brave New Life said...

Thank you! I only do tiny sit ups where I don't come all the way up. I might do the plank instead, or as well :) Borrowing my photo...? Scary...but all right then. As long as you link it back to me. You wouldn't want to sell it off as you tummy anyway ;)