Monday, 5 September 2011

Move along, nothing to see

Apparently. I haven't had time to write anything in a long time. Or it feels like a long time. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with my internal clock though, I think everything feels like a long time. People often say that they don't know where time has gone and that it goes too quickly. I very rarely have that experience.

Anyway, not what I was going to write about. I was going to write about something else, which I just forgot, so I'll just get back to the time thing.

I have not felt as good as I do in a long time, maybe ever. It feels like that I have figured something out. I don't quite know what it is or what I should call it, but it is something about not taking things too seriously. If seriousness was an olympic event, then I would have won both the summer and the winter olympics every year (seriousness is not seasonal, you be can have it all year around). I used to have an idea about everything being so important, everything has been the most important thing. To treat all things as they are equally important makes you tired. And I was tired. I was really tired for about six years, with my misaligned pelvis and my pregnancyrelief to feel this way. being the most tired I have ever been. But now it is like I have put that behind me and I am well-rested (bearing in mind that I have an 8 month old baby). It is like I have had a heavy blanket over me that I have now been able to crawl away from. It wasn't bad to be tired, it was just exhausting and not as fun. Now is much more fun, because I am no longer so serious. The only thing that is important is Little A and his well-being. Everything else is secondary and it is such a relief to feel this way.

And ps. I am getting proper annoyed with Blogger. Look at the text, some is big, some is small and I can't fix it.

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