Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hmhm...aha....right....what happened?

I had such a great day today. I was getting somewhere at work and I had lunch with (one of) my mothers' groups. It was great to see everybody and I really felt like I belonged (a rare feeling for me). After work I picked up my new bike and cycled home. Oh and a very cute guy flirted with me, hasn't happened in ages. When I got home Little A was happy to see me and we played with a pear, some blocks and a storage box. At dinner he had a laughing fit when I said "god". Seriously. It started with me saying "Oh my god" to something my husband said and Little A started laughing. Now, he is not easily entertained so his laughter is like a drug, we just want more. So I said "god" again and again and he was laughing his head off. Me too.
Little A fell asleep early and I watched a great documentary about a village in Yorkshire where half the population has learning difficulties or a mental illness. It was very interesting indeed.
And now I'm sat here and don't know what to do with myself. I'm feeling a bit sad I think. It's like sometimes I can get too happy. It's like my system gets overstimulated and afterwards I just fall down.
Hmh...but maybe I'll just won't care about that and just get on with things. There's laundry to fold, packed lunch to be packed and I'm sure something more.

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