Friday, 1 July 2011


The view outside my window is about the same as below, but in the week between it has been really sunny and lovely.

We've had quite a busy week and next week is about the same. It is so much easier to get out and about with Little A now when he is older. He is not as sensitive as before and he doesn't scream his head off if he doesn't get food the second he asks for it (it usually takes a bit longer to prepare the bottle when in a
café or at somebody else's home).

Little A is 6 months next week and I can, of course, not believe it. It is so much better now compared to the chaos in January. I actually feeling (almost) ready to have a new baby, but that is of course madness.

Apart from that I only have 1,5 kg to loose before I am back at my original weight. I start work in August so my goal is to have lost it by then. I will be going to the gym about 4 times a week until then. All in all, my post-pregnancy body is not too bad; my arms are a lot stronger and my breasts are still bigger and once the skin is back on track on my belly, I think I'll be quite pleased.

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