Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I almost broke the baby.

I did. I almost broke him today and I feel terrible. Under my apparently less than competent care, he fell off our bed on the floor. I heard a bang and then he was screaming his head off. I had put him on the bed as we were on our way out and I was packing the nappy bag. I usually put him on the bed, go away for 30 seconds, come back and put him back in the middle of the bed, go away, come back and so on. This way he is entertain (he prefers the bed to the floor, who doesn't?) and he never gets far enough to the edge to fall down. Well, at least not until today. I must have been away for too long and he had been rolling or tummy crawling his way to the edge and off he went.
I got quite upset I must admit. I was on the phone with my husband when it happened and when I had pick Little A up, I called him back. He called our doctor who told us to go to the emergency room just in case. We did and they checked him out and he was fine. He did cry for a bit afterwards but soon after he was his normal sunny self. Only difference is that he now has got a bruise on his forhead.
His first bruise and I am to blame. Not getting any Good Mother points today exactly.

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