Sunday, 17 July 2011


This morning as I was cleaning Little A's bottles (I will happy when I don't have to do that anymore) I thought to myself "I should go to a flea market today, I bet I'll find something good". We sort of had other plans but when my husband woke up, I convinced him that we should go to one.

We did and I found two great things that I have been looking for, a bag and a jacket! I have been looking for a bag as the one above for ages and even considering buying one for about $500. I am glad I didn't because this one cost about $6. The jacket was also spot on and cheap.

When I was little my mum would ask my dad if "he could feel it" and if they should play the lottery or buy a scratch card. Sometimes he would say yes and when they did it and they did win. Nothing major, but still. On the days where he said no and my mum would do it anyway, they didn't win anything. So the story in our family is that dad has got a feeling for those things. And this is what happened this morning, I could feel it.

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