Saturday, 21 May 2011

Brunch galore

I'm all brunched out! Two brunch in two days will take its toll on you.

I love the idea with brunch but I find the reality of it quite problematic. The problem is the time of day that you eat it. Ideally, one should time it so that it is consumed about an hour after waking up. That has never happened to me, I hardly ever sleep later than 8, regardless of when I went to bed. And eating at 9 doesn't count as brunch, I believe that is still breakfast.

Before I used to skip breakfast and wait for the brunch. But that is a terrible idea and by the time I get to eat, my blood sugar is so low that I am a pain to be around and then it's not so fun to have brunch anyway. So I now I eat breakfast even if I'm having brunch later and that works out fine.

However, I still haven't figured out what to do after a brunch. When I get hungry again it is not early to have dinner, but of course too late for lunch. Yesterday it all went pear-shaped and I didn't eat anything proper, just snacking until 7 pm when I was half-dead and we had to order pizza because you can't cook when you're half-dead. Very stupid. This happens every time I go for brunch.

But since my next brunch was already the day after, I had an excellent opportunity to do something new and different. We got home around 3 pm when I had a cheese sandwich, which did the trick. I then had a tofu wok with noodles around 6 pm, normal dinner time. My blood sugar was kept levelled and I have been in a good mood all day.

It's funny though. I guess the reason this happens is that I follow the clock more than my stomach as an indicator as when to eat. Why couldn't I have dinner at 3, if that is what my tummy tells me? I think that is called lunner (lunch+dinner) by the way. Maybe next time I'll try a lunner.

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