Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Banana and calmness

Something funny happened today. I was out on my daily walk and went to buy some formula to the little one in a store that isn't very busy (Little A doesn't like to be in stores and I don't like being in them with him when he doesn't like it, so a long queue is not what I look for in a store). On my way there I remembered that another time I went there, they had free bananas on the way out. At the time I got really chuffed by my free banana and it kind of made my day (yes, that is how exciting it is to be on maternity leave). I thought to myself that I hoped that there would be free bananas today too, because I was feeling a bit peckish and I could really need a banana.
I put my stuff in my basket and went to the check out line and lo and behold!
BANANAS! I didn't spot them myself, but the cashier, who is a very sweet old man asked if the baby was old enough to eat bananas and I said:
-No not yet, but I am!
-Well then, have a banana! he said.
And said thank you very much and left the store with my free banana.
As I walked home I thought that it was quite a coincident that I wished for a banana and then it appeared. But then I thought that maybe it isn't, maybe you get what you ask for. So then I asked for calmness.

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Duktiga Tjejen said...

Så sant - you get what you ask for. Det brukar ju ofta bli så som man tänker (law of attraction) :)