Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The helpful lion

Little A got his vaccinations yesterday and it was quite awful. I wasn't nervous before and I was fine holding him while the nurse did what she had to do. (Imaging making babies cry for a living...) But I was a bit shaken afterwards, I must admit.
He was a bit cranky and a bit warm in the evening and didn't sleep as well as he usually does, but apart from that he seems fine. Nothing that the Lion can't cure anyway.
It is funny to see how he is developing new skills almost on a daily basis now. He screams a lot louder (not a skill we are great fans of) and yesterday he grabbed a painters brush on purpose. He has been grabbing lots of other things too, but it has always seemed more accidental than anything else. He is using lots more different sounds when he is "talking". And he talks a lot... I wonder where he got that from...?

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