Friday, 11 February 2011

What I also saw yesterday

How cool is this! A statue of Buddha, not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but in a place that one wouldn't expect there to be a Buddha statue.
I wish I had a better memory because then I could write something clever about Buddhism. I'll just tell you what the four noble truths are:
  1. Thus is the Noble Truth of Suffering
  2. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering
  3. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering
  4. Thus is the Noble Truth of the Path that leads to the Cessation of Suffering
One might think that the first truth represents a very pessimistic outlook on life but I find it quite reassuring; it confirms my view of the world. The other truths tell you how to make it better. However, it ain't easy, so you might as get use to that life is a bitch.

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